Dear Future LLC Members

Dear Future LLC Members,

One of the best parts about college is that for many it’s a fresh start in a new place with a whole set of people that you most likely don’t know, nor do they know each other. So, moving in as Freshman creates a certain kind of excitement. You’re eager, but still hesitant.

Almost everyone has a story like this. Where we all don’t know each other, and we’re all starting at the same place here on the floor of the building we get assigned to way before move-in day. But, being apart of our LLC makes all of this different. A whole
half of our floor is upperclassman, so they had spent at least a year together growing and getting to know each other. Which can be kinda scary, and definitely overwhelming. You’re going to move into more than just a floor. You are coming into a community.

Being a part of the Leadership and Community Engagement LLC has been an experience that provided me with a unique first year in college. We were surrounded by go-getters and established leaders. People who had already made a name for themselves on a campus we barely knew our way around. It gave me the ability to have role-models, someone who I could aspire to not only be like but get the opportunity to work with. It pushed me to become active on campus from the start, and to get out and give back to my community.

A part of being in the LLC means we all have to do at least 12-15 hours of community service per semester. At first this seemed unimaginable, but as I looked around me I saw people on my floor surpassing way beyond those hours. Also, they were enjoying it too! It wasn’t just an in-class assignment they knocked off their list of things to once a week. It was their way to make a difference and give back, for them it was their passions playing out right in front of their eyes on the campus we all called home. This pushed me
to do the same. These people who live across the hall from me are the ones who gave me the confidence to go out and make my freshman year meaningful. People always tell you when you’re going away college that the first year you’re just learning how to survive
on your own, but I have to admit I didn’t learn by myself. Nor, did I just spend my first year going to classes and working hard (although don’t worry Mom I did do those things).

My first year here at Mason I gave back, I found my calling, I figured out what my passion meant to me and how I can help others along the way finds there’s as well. And, best of all, none of this was taught in lecture hall, it was found on Piedmont 4th. The idea of having a floor of leaders seems like a possibility for disaster, and although we each have our opinions and strong personalities that at times create some tension I couldn’t imagine not living with such inspirational people. When I first committed to coming to George Mason I imagined what life would be like, and now as I finish out my first year I can’t pinpoint only one thing in particular that I’ve learned. Yet, rather I think of countless things across these past two semesters that have shaped me into the strong, passionate, hard-working young lady I am today. I found what makes me want to wake up every morning and make a different. Just like the upperclassman on the floor who we all looked up to so much, we’ve become and so will you.

So, future members of the Leadership and Community Engagement LLC I hope you’re ready for the wonderful journey ahead of you. My story about the floor is common — I would even say almost everyone on this floor has experience the same degree of support and love. As Freshman we can all agree this community is different, you can interpret that in whichever way you want. But, just know when you come to move-in at the end of summer you’ll be beginning a journey just like ours. Although it’ll be different, and you’ll figure this out just know we’ll be here every step of the way like the upperclassmen were here for us silly Freshmen. I promise, you’ll leave your Freshman year a better person then you were on move-in day and the LLC will be here from day 1 to see that this happens.

We all can’t wait to meet you soon!!

Katherine Quigley



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