Flint Hill’s Learning Center


By Lili Jalaie

The service-learning project that I am at is Flint Hill’s Learning center program. This program helps kids with difficulties and disabilities that make them a little slower than a regular student. It’s a program that bring kids that are slower and helps guide them and encourage them to understand that everyone goes there own pace and that it is ok. There purpose is to be a supporting guide to students. Their organization isn’t that big but at Flint Hill it is a key system that they use, and it is very affective.

As a person who went to Flint Hill and was in the learning center program it really affected my life for the better. I am dyslexic and have ADHD and it has always slowed me down and coming to Flint Hill where they specialized in kids like me it helped me become more organized and independent and helped me grow to be the person I am today. Now that I have started working there it helps me understand the other side and how much the Learning Center teachers did for their students. Since I was a kid in the learning center before, I knew how to handle the kids the way I wanted to be treated. What I have learned about myself is that I really do want to help kids and guide them the way my teachers guided me when I was in school. The community I work in is so opening and judgment free and really helps me feel at home and also makes the students feel safe.

What I think I contributed to the community site is that since I was a student there and knew how it felt they would use me to talk to the kids and share my story and be a role model to who the kids would want to be. But I also helped by talking to kids and guiding them the right direction when they seemed to be down or upset because they weren’t as fast at understanding things as their friends. Some values and beliefs that come to mind are the fact that when I went to Flint Hill and was in the learning Center Program I used to hate having to go at first because I didn’t want to look like the slow kid and the one that was behind because I always wanted to be a leader. But once I went a couple more times I realized that it really did help me for the better and it was ok to be slow. But now that I work there I can see the same feelings I had about the process that the kids have. It just takes a little time for the kids to really realize the amazing program that they are in.

In the end the most important lesson that was learned was that it is ok to be a little slower. Everyone goes at there own pace and it shouldn’t discourage you. Working at Flint Hill now I wouldn’t want to change anything about the community. I think that they have a great community already and that it shouldn’t be changed at all. The main problem that the Learning Center is trying to identify is that no kid should feel alone and be discouraged because of something they are born with. They should be encouraged for working even harder to get where they have to be. Flint Hill’s Learning Center is very good at addressing this issue and helping kids with the problem that they have.



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