Pop Up Pantry

By Collette Rhoads

I ended up doing a large majority of hours with George Mason University’s Pop-Up Pantry. Pop-Up Pantry is a institution on campus that offers food to students on campus who may otherwise be unable to provide food for themselves. It’s a relatively small institution, but it has a huge heart. Their missions is t mitigate the challenges that face students with food insecurity and hunger at George Mason University. Working with the pantry I have realized that I am very fortunate. So many people are able to have necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Often times I feel that many people overlook the fact that there are some people on college campuses that cannot afford to eat. I learned that my community (primarily the Leadership and Community Engagement LLC) is very aware of hunger and homelessness being a serious issue. I’ve gained a lot of respect for the people around me and their willingness to give up time in their schedules to help those in need. I feel that I contributed a helping hand. The pantry went through a lot of change at the start of the school year and I’d like to think that I helped make a more smooth transition. I truly value people and their well being, helping with the Pop-Up Pantry farther instilled my hope and goal of world peace. I learned that the only way to truly strive to end something as big as world hunger is to do something about it! I did an internship with a company called STOP HUNGER NOW which focuses on ending world hunger. Whether it’s hunger students on a college campus, or hungry children in India, I’m passionate that with the help of human kind our world can achieve something so magnificent.


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